Virtual Kannada Keyboard


This is a onscreen keyboard which enables Unicode Kannada input.

Installation Video 1


Installation Video 2


Usage Demo Video


Install Instructions

1.Download the deb file.

2.Save it to your Nokia n800 or n810

3.Go to terminal

4.Go to the folder where you have saved download deb file the command "sudo dpkg -i kan-key_0.1_armel.deb"

6.Re-start the device

Once its on open any application ,now on the onscreen keyboard
click the button on the left corner (menu) go to Input method then select Keyboard (Kannada).
English can be enable again by going to menu Input settings then selecting Keyboard.
Also in between English/Kannada can be toggled by clicking on "Ka_IN" on left (2nd from top) of the keyboard
Ka_IN -> Kannada
en - > English


Before Install Instructions

The keyboard layout is similar to KP Rao phonetic. Kuvempu Kannada Thantramsha "Netravathi Keyboard" or "nudi keyboard".

Before installing, a Unicode font should be installed other wise boxes or '?' appear on the screen.
I strongly recommend sampige font.
Fonts can be downloaded here
Then unzip the downloaded font file into the device

$tar -zxvf ttf-indic-fonts_0.5.4ubuntu2.tar.gz
    Then copy fonts to /usr/share/fonts ,/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts
$cd  ttf-indic-fonts_0.5.4ubuntu2/ttf-kannada
$sudo cp * /usr/share/fonts
$sudo cp * /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts


Ex: usage
ಕ  = ಕ
ಕ+ಆ = ಕಾ
ಕ+ ್  = ಕ್
ಕ+ ್ +ಕ  = ಕ್ಕ
ಕ + ಇ = ಕಿ
ಕ + ಈ = ಕೀ
ಕ + ಃ = ಕಃ
ರ + ್ + ತ = ರ್ತ


Kindly report any bugs here

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